How does it work?

Turn your blog posts into high quality podcast episodes with Podital. You won’t need to record, edit or even perform your podcast yourself. We’ll do everything for you.

1: Submit your blog post

That's it. That's all the work you'll need to do to get your podcast episode recorded. We'll take it from here. Each episode is limited to 2,000 words - if your post is longer than that we'll just split it into multiple episodes.

2: We record your podcast

Your article will be professionally narrated, then mixed and edited by an experienced sound engineer. We'll add intros, outros, music and deliver your very own podcast episode to you within just a few days.

3: Your podcast is ready

We'll deliver the episode for you to check and request any changes. One round of amends is included as standard. Then all that's left is to upload to your podcast provider of choice (we can also help you with that).

Why choose Podital?

Starting and maintaining a podcast by yourself takes hard work and dedication. If you’re looking for a way to start a high quality podcast without any of the effort, Podital is for you.


We take pride in bringing your words to life with the highest quality audio. Your blog posts will be professionally narrated by a voiceover artist, then enhanced with quality music and sound FX, and finally mixed and edited by a studio sound engineer with decades of experience.


We'll create your podcast at a truly affordable price. We monetise by adding advertising to each episode so that we can keep our prices low for our customers. With Podital you can start and maintain your podcast for just a few pounds per episode and you won't need to buy any expensive equipment.


Once you've submitted your blog post and a few other details we need, we'll get to work right away and you'll have your first episode within just a few days. There'll be time to make whatever changes you want. But just think, your very own podcast could be up and running a week from now.


You won't need to create any new content, or learn how to perform on a podcast, or how to professionally mix and edit the audio. With Podital everything is taken care of for you. Just submit your written blog post and we'll turn it into a quality podcast episode. What could be easier?

Start your podcast

Why start a podcast?

Hundreds of millions of people are already listening to podcasts. Turning your blog into a podcast will give you the chance to reach this huge audience. And your existing fans will love the convenience of your articles being read to them.

There are over 124 million podcast listeners (in the United States alone).


Podcast listeners listen to an average of 7 different shows each week.


Podcast listeners spend an average of 6 hours a week listening to podcasts.


There are over 18.5 million podcast episodes on Apple Podcasts.


Ready to create your podcast?

Get started right now for just £69. This one low price covers narration of your blog post by a voiceover artist, all music, intros and outros, plus final mixing, editing and delivery.

Frequently asked questions

  • So you'll make an audio podcast out of my written articles?
    Yes! We'll narrate your articles and add all the bells and whistles to turn them into professional quality podcast episodes.
  • Why would people want to listen to my articles narrated?
    People who enjoy podcasts and are interested in the topics you write about will love the convenience of having your articles read to them. With your new podcast you'll reach a whole new audience who prefer to multi-task by listening to your articles while driving, working out or running errands.
  • How much will I pay?
    The basic cost is £69 for each episode. If you would like we can also take care of hosting and cover art design for you, contact us for pricing.
  • Podital is incredible value! What's in it for you?
    Great question! You're right, we want to provide the very best value for our customers and therefore set the price as low as possible. Rather than increase the price for our customers, we add advertising to your podcast episodes and we'll receive a small fee from advertisers. We may also combine your content with others to create aggregated podcasts and may receive advertising fees for those episodes.
  • How long will my podcast episode be?
    It depends on the length of your article. A 2,000 word article would result in a podcast episode of around 17 minutes.
  • Is there a word count limit per article/episode?
    Yes, to ensure each episode is digestible the article should be no longer than 2,000 words. If your article is longer than that, we'll suggest splitting into multiple episodes (each episode is paid separately).
  • What if I want to create a whole series of episodes?
    Great! We'll be happy to do that and it's certainly how most podcasts are delivered today. Go to our 'Get Started' page and submit your first article. We'll create your first episode for you, we want you to be 100% happy with it and then we'll get to work on any additional episodes you'd like us to create.